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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Portable Power Station

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Portable Power Station

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Expandable capacity: 2-6kWh expandable capacity (167Ah@12V) to fit your energy storage needs. Add up to two DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Batteries to hit 6144Wh. Ideal for home backup, caravanning, outdoors or even everyday use.

Built to last 6× longer: Get 10 years of daily use until hitting 80% of its original capacity. That's down to its LFP battery chemistry giving you 3000 cycles.

Huge AC output: With X-Boost mode, get up to 3100W output power to run 99% of home appliances. Power 13 devices at once, including 4 AC outlets.

Fastest recharging: World's fastest AC recharging and X-Stream dual AC+Solar charging speeds. Up to 1000W solar input to charge in as fast as 2.3 hours

Capture more energy: 99% MPPT efficiency maximises solar generation during the daytime.

Customised in-app energy management: Prioritise solar or AC charging, view input and output power, battery levels and more.

5-year warranty

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