Something Sold Out

Something Sold Out

I still can't figure out why toilet paper runs out these days. What is the relationship between toilet paper and coronavirus. However, I know we have run out of MC4 connectors. It is direct consequence of this coronavirus crisis.

I got the stock back in late November. My plan was put them into Amazon warehouse and used their facility to help me fulfill orders from all over Australia. But, there is a big problem of doing this which I didn't realize at beginning, Amazon Australia will charge freight on each package of order. So freight cost for an order of 10 packs/100 pairs will be around $80. That is too much. It took me another 2 month to get it back from Amazon warehouse after peak season was finish. What a lesson!!! After stock half sold, we can't get any supply from factory during Chinese New Year and closing down of the town.

Now factory still can't operate fully to produce enough stock. We have to source our supply from local supplier and other places, however the cost is much higher and supply will only arrive by early April.

I say I am still lucky in this crisis. Lots of small businesses in Australia and China are struggling to survive and suffering in the fear of unknown future. I pray that this will finish soon and we can back to our normal life, Amen. 

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