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Decode the discount code of MC4 Connect

At MC4 Connect, we reward our customer by offering discount

First order discount is 10% off by use the code mc4connect10 at checkout. If you haven't use it on any of your order, you still can use it on any future orders.

Weekly discount code will be sent out through our newsletter by 7.30am every Monday.

Weekly discount code will be working from 7.30am Monday to 7.30am the next Monday until the new code start to work. Discount rate will be vary from 5% to 8%. Sometime we offer 9% or 10% for special event like Christmas or New Year.

Some customers told us they don't like to submit to news letter group or won't bother to check newsletter even they submitted. We want our customer to enjoy the offer and take advantage of the discount of each week. We would like to let you know how we code the discount code. Hope you can easily pickup another 5% discount or more on each order with us

Well, the weekly discount code is made up by 3 parts.

mc4 + w + week number of the year as showed from the below image. By the week that is the discount code for this week mc4w47 for 8% off. 1% higher than last weeks offer.

Decode the discount code of MC4 Connect

For example. the code for next week will be mc4w48, the week after next week will be mc4w49.

For first several week, the code will be mc4w1, mc4w2, mc4w3 etc. There will be no zero for week number.

If you want to find out the week number, you can visit

***Please note all discount code will not work for wholesaler customer. The discount code will only offer to solar installation personal or company.


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