Business Update April 2020

Business Update April 2020

MC4 Connect April Update 2020

Product & Stock Current Period:

We have 3 items.

  1. Standard MC4 Connector pack of 10 pairs PV-KBT4/6II-UR. Stock level 42 pack available.
  2. Standard MC4 Connector Carton of 25 pairs PV-KBT4/6I-UR. Stock level 140 packs available or 7 cartons of 500 pairs
  3. Cable tie bag of 100 pieces.Stock level 14 bags available

Product & Stock Schedule:

We have around 5 more products will be added into the product range. They will arrive by around end of April. Standard MC4 connectors PV-KBT4/6I-UR has arrived. 20000 pairs are available for now. We have packed 3500 pairs and will keep working to pack more. Stock availability is showing under product price.

Personal discount of 10% has been cancelled:

We has decided to cancel the personal discount code program in the future. It is because it has increase the cost of time for our customer to figure out the real price of each products. It is also not easy to remember one more password or code when use it. It has also increase our work load to maintain these discount code. It is hard to update in the future on special discount on particular product. We have updated the price for each products in the current range. It is much clearer compare to previous price structure.

Tier Pricing Structure Update


We have updated the price tier structure to a simpler one. Small order and bulk order get same low price. We are always passionate to support small solar business owners with lower price. It will also make sense to offer lower price to much bigger order. 

Have a great day and stay safe

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