Add Value info for business basic - Logo

Add Value info for business basic - Logo

Let’s talk about logo. I will cover the following points:

  1. Business name
  2. Why logo
  3. Logo colour and style overview
  4. Resource to go to

Business name

Business name for me is clear. I am start from selling MC4 connectors. MC4 connectors are well known product in this industry. I want my business to connect with solar business owners. So, I name my business MC4 Connect. Most electrician business is sole trader type business. The business name is full name + electrical or part of name + electrical/ electrics etc. Business type is another important topic, I will try to cover it in the future post.

Why logo important:

Logo is a symbol or icon of announcement for my business and help my customer to remember my business. I will need it on many places, such as social media (like Facebook business page, google place page, linkedIn business page, etc), business website, my warehouse/workshop sign, my truck, my business card and email and my business uniform. All these efforts are let customer have confidence on me and my business. It is like wearing properly before going to visit my customer. It will increase the rate of success.

Logo will different my business from a lot of others. It will be used for many years while my business operating.

Logo colour and style overview:

I will normally do some research on logo before going any further. I will go to collect some information from other similar businesses on the colour and style on their logo and have some understanding so that I can make decision on my own design. I will also check some logo template to help on choosing the style and font.

Colour: It will be recommended to use less than 3 colours. It will make logo simple and memorable. It will cost less for future stationery printing. However, there are logos use more than 3 colours, which make it stand out. I chose one colour - black colour for simplicity which is the colour of MC4 connector. Anyone in this industry knows it extremely well.

Style: Name of business will be the major part of logo, especially in solar industry. Some of them will choose 2 different font size or style to make logo looks professional and stylish. Some logo chooses to add shape or symbol on top of the name part to increase the style feeling. I didn’t add anything my name part. I think MC4 Connect is already clear enough. Extra part will weakening the logo. Below are some logos around us for your reference


Resource to go to:

Once you have your draft idea of logo, you can go to the below recourse to work on it and create a professional logo of your business.

Paid resource: I will recommend for paid services. I have used this website for many times on different projects. Search logo design, there will be many professional graphic design ready to help you. Cost start from $5 USD for a basic draft and file. If you need photoshop file for future editing, the price will be higher around $30-50 USD. Current exchange rate is bit high. However the basic package will be enough for most of the requirement. $5 USD/$9AUD is still worth it.

Free resource: There are many free logo maker online software we can use to get this job done. I know a bit of graphic editing and have photoshop in my computer. These free tools are useful to me

Wix and Shopify are website creating tool as well. I will cover them in the future post.

They are quite similar, logomkr will have more icon to choose. Because my logo for MC4 Connect is quite simple so I didn’t choose any icon. If you prefer any of shape or iron, you can give them a try.

Once your design is created, remember to save a copy and save different file possible for future use. You may need pass these files to someone else in your team to use on another project.

Get job done is not that hard. The preparation on research and make decision will take more time then create the logo itself. However please do take time on preparation. It is important for the long run of your business and may not easy to chance.

After upload my logo to all required places, it looks like a real business. I am waiting on more products to fulfill the empty page. They will arrive in April. Due to the current crisis, things got delayed a lot. There is not much I can do. The only thing for me is wait and pray.

Hope this post will be helpful for some of you. Take care





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