Add Value info for business basic - business card and email signature

Add Value info for business basic - business card and email signature

We will cover the following topic

  1. Business card
  2. Email signature

Business card

Business card is still working. Sometimes it works better them email for certain age group. What we need is to let customer finds the way to contact you. This is one of the way people to get to your information and contact. Your email signature, your website contact us page and all your social media pages contact detail will offer the same function.

Professional designed business card with lift your brand for sure. It is also handy to have some in your wallet and in your truck

Here are some place your can get budget professional business card

  1. I have recommended in the last post on the logo design. For business card design, it is still the recommend place to go. Search business card, then there will be many designs available for you to match your brand style, and color. Price wise, it is still like logo design which is around $10-20 USD. This is only the design part. You may still need a local store to print them out for you.
  2. You can use Vistaprint to print your design from Fiver or use their design template to create your business card. Standard price start from $10 Aud for 250 cards. However, I will recommend on deluxe or spot UV which is $20AUD for 250 cards. The reason is because the higher quality paper give customer a strong confidence on you and your business. It is only $10 dollar price difference, but the customer feeling is in 2 level. It will also make yourself feel great and confident when you represent your business.
  3. If you know how to use photoshop, here is another site for free template. They look great.


Email signature

I would like to add email signature here as well, which is a digital business card on your email. This is a part of marketing. It is very easy to get it done properly. is the place to go to. You can easily generate your email signature with their free tool. Have your logo, phone number, website, address and email detail ready. You only need to copy it and paste into your outlook, or any email software. I may not write too much detail here. Google it or youtube it if you don’t know where to put them.

Thanks for reading. Hope this will help

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